Facilitation services

I offer customized sessions for business meetings, leadership development initiatives, project or strategic planning efforts, board or corporate retreats, as well as team building workshops leveraging a variety of strength-based tools and approaches.

My role as a facilitator is to understand, plan and manage the process - “how we are going to do the work” - so that the client and the group have the luxury of being 100% focused on the content - “what we are going to work on and what are our desired outcomes." A carefully-planned meeting combined with skillful facilitation can generate increased levels of interaction, dialogue, consensus and results. See my recent facilitation assignments.  

Entrepreneurial skills in action

Whether you're an intrapreneur leading a team in a large organization or an entrepreneur managing your own company, these sessions are for anyone wanting to become more effective in dealing with the challenges and opportunities that life and work in the 21st century present.

I offer fast-paced half-day or full-day workshops with interactive activities designed to exercise inventive thinking, explore the dynamics of communication and connection, and develop the entrepreneurial values of innovation, imagination, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Workshop content is modular, customizable and adaptable to match your specific requirements.

Leadership Agility and Team Engagement Workshops

Customized workshops can incorporate elements addressing leadership agility including the ability to navigate pivotal conversations; to scan an environment and anticipate important changes; to engage with stakeholders in ways that lead to more alignment; to increase self-awareness and more fully align behavior with your values and aspirations.

Building team engagement is also a challenge in the VUCA age. When you understand the importance of aligning purpose and values when motivating and leading others, when you see cultivating connections to the vision and to one another as fundamental, you build environments where long-term commitment and engagement can thrive.

Explore the roots of these team dynamics and the degrees of collaboration and communication using interactive exercises, discussion and reflection.

greytogreen: adaptability and managing complexity

Supports managers to lead, mobilize and motivate teams in a changing environment. greytogreen creates awareness around how attitude influences the working environment, enhances self-leadership, and explores how to keep an open mind during stressful situations.

Organizations use greytogreen to boost employee engagement, creativity, and productivity. It's based around two mutually reinforcing but independent one-day workshops -  greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS and greytogreen PURE MOTIVATION - and a series of complimentary modules and learning tools.

CELEMI Business Simulation Facilitator

Business simulations are the bridge between classroom learning and real-life challenges. They are a hands-on learning method that imitates the real world, allowing your people to practice and improve their business acumen in a safe, risk-free environment. I provide facilitation of the following business simulations online, face-to-face, or in hybrid format.

CELEMI Sustainability™

During CELEMI Sustainability™ participants get to experience the greatest challenge in business today by stepping into the driver’s seat of a sustainability transformation. Teams start by exploring what sustainability is and why it is important, before taking on the role of advisors to a simulated company called Omnia, to execute a sustainability transformation. During the simulation participants collaborate and take decisions to improve Omnia’s sustainability performance.

CELEMI Exploring Change™ - Addressing the Human Side of Change

This dialogue program visualizes change management through  commonly used models complemented with images/film, cases, and reflection questions that allow the participants to understand challenges in different dimensions and draw their own conclusions. The knowledge can be applied on an ongoing change initiative or to lead change effectively the future. ​


What makes me different?

I’m a polymath, a Renaissance person at heart. As someone with many interests and creative pursuits, I’m well-versed in multiple disciplines. Therefore my strength lies in my ability to synthesis ideas and concepts, combining two or more fields or perspectives - creating something new at the intersection.

I’m a rapid learner, making 360-degree observations and accessing data from various resources. I’ve been a beginner so many times that I’m not afraid to adapt and try something new - bringing all I’ve learned to every new pursuit, project and initiative.

I am an active listener

Active listening is listening with a purpose. I make a conscious effort to hear not only the words that someone is saying, but, more importantly, try to understand the complete message being sent.

I take a strength-based approach

Rather than focusing on “what's wrong,” I like to identify the positive resources and abilities that people and systems have and build future plans on that foundation.

People have more confidence and comfort to journey into the unknown when they are invited to start with what they already know.

I am a systems thinker

Systems thinking is about making connections - shifting the focus from the parts of a system to addressing the whole, from objects and assets of the organization to it's internal and external relationships, and from structure to processes. 

My "professional self" is present

By having the ability to remain “un-phased” and effective in working with conflict, tension and anxiety; staying “ego-free”; and maintaining professional separation and boundaries, I can remain focused on your needs.

I encourage "deeper" conversations

It's important to be able to identify and challenge the basic presuppositions which may have driven your actions and/or decisions. If you remain involved in the same self-conversations, you can't expect new interpretations or different outcomes.

I am committed and reliable

•   I am dedicated to partnering with

inspiring individuals at all levels, be

it for self-development, team

building, addressing communication

issues, rethinking organizational

structures, and/or strategic planning.

•   I create safe spaces for

individuals to revisit, rediscover and

re-energize their authentic selves.

•  I offer the flexibility of approach,

open-mindedness and the

willingness to push the boundaries

when needed.

•  I believe that every situation is

unique and should be treated as




Searching for an interactive workshop to help you reconnect with your strengths and put them back to work for you? Interested in how coaching can help you develop not just quantitative capabilities but also people-oriented skills? Looking for a facilitator to support you in achieving your organizational goals? Then let's talk!

BUSINESS SENSE TRAINING - facilitation, coaching, and business skills training

Developmental coaching

Developmental coaching enables individuals and teams to uncover abilities that might otherwise go untapped. These one-on-one or group sessions support the creation of new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, learning, leading, and relating to others. I offer a number of coaching services including:

Competency Development - support executives and managers to see themselves more as a leader and to develop better skills in areas such as influence, conflict management, defining roles and responsibilities, setting direction, giving feedback, motivating subordinates, etc.

Transition Coaching - support the development of change management and communications strategies to ensure both staff and the organization remain productive in the face of planned or unplanned change events.

Each coaching partnership is supported by a pre-defined agreement to establish learning goals, clarify roles, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure productive outcomes.  

Community weaving

Building on my community-engagement experience in the non-profit sector, I've enriched my approach to community-based development and participatory design processes (focus group discussions, art and design engagement, etc.) to take into account the complexity of communities and how to create a space for emergence to happen within a system.

Completed the Complex Systems Leadership Program by Wicked Labs (July/August 2021) which is underpinned by an international award winning model that demonstrates how complexity science can be used to create lasting systemic change for complex social policy problems.

By understanding systemic mechanisms (incentives, policies, laws, checks & balances, feedback loops, power dynamics, authority structures, money & resources, etc.) and systemic mindsets (paradigms, values, priorities, habits, loyalties, behaviours, norms and cultures) you're able to map key actors in the system. Defining their immunities to change, their needs and vested interests, and seeing who’s defending what and who’s promoting what, can impact the scuccess of any initiative. This is where the work begins, to bring to light the unseen and channel the group's energy to co-construct their desired ecosystem.